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Malcolm McDowell Part 1
Malcolm McDowell Part 2
Max Beesley
Director Tamar Simon Hoffs
Heather Juergensen
Olivia Tracey
Susan Lynch
Olivia Tracey - 2 

Malcolm  McDowell - Irish Herald Interview

Olivia Tracey article from the Irish Examiner 

Olivia Tracey Interview - Transcript

When she sat down for an interview with RADIO IRISH’s Sean McCarthy recently, Red Roses and Petrol’s Olivia Tracey (Moya) was ready to dish on the making of the film and the Irish themes that it projects. Read more...








Malcolm McDowell Interview Part 1

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Malcolm McDowell Interview Part 2

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Max Beesley Interview

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Director Tamar Simon Hoffs Interview

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Heather Juergensen Interview

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Olivia Tracey Interview

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Susan Lynch Interview

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Olivia Tracey Interview 2